3 medical tests you should know about when trying to conceive.

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I couldn’t wait to receive the call — and also dreaded it. Every time before, the tone of the nurse’s ‘Hello’ gave away the bad news: “I’m sorry, your HCG was negative.” I was not pregnant, again. What went wrong this time? Why? How?

Today her voice was bright and happy, “Congratulations!” “You’re kidding…,” I said.

So, after 5 ½ years and with a happy, war torn heart, I could finally say: I’m having a baby. That’s 5 ½ years of miscarriages, needles, visualizations, hypnosis, diet changes, yoga, hormones, blood tests, ultrasounds, workshops, acupuncture, surgeries, egg retrievals, staggering medical bills—…


Did I do the right thing? (aka the five stages of pandemic grief)

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This post is an entry in Modern Parent’s “Am I Doing This Right?” writing contest.

The first thing you should know is I did not have to send my child back to school. I am not an essential worker. I am not a healthcare provider. I am a writer and I have always worked from home — or my favorite coffee shop of late. My job is essential to no one but me. Except, of course, my other job as a parent. Which is essential to my four year old child.


Like everyone, I panicked when everything shut down last…

3 TV shows that changed the landscape of entertainment by showing weakness

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What do a dirty cop, a confused almost thirtysomething, and an orphaned self-made chess champion have in common? Take a good long look at three of the best TV series the dramatic world has ever seen and you’ll find quite a bit. I dislike forced comparison as much as the next person but if there are three TV shows that turned the recent tides in the world of entertainment I’d say they are The Shield, Russian Doll, and The Queen’s Gambit. Each of these dramas has a strong protagonist and an even stronger point of view. …

Viral writer Julio Vincent Gambuto’s crazy year of success despite — or thanks to — a pandemic

photo courtesy of Julio Vincent Gambuto

When I asked Julio Vincent Gambuto— writer, filmmaker, and director of Team Marco, the movie Leonard Maltin calls “a life-affirming feel-good movie” what his favorite children’s book was, he immediately answered The Little Prince. Why?

“It’s going to sound really heady and crazy, but it taught me the word ‘ephemeral.’ We learned it in French class actually. We read the book in French first and then in English, and our teacher, Madame Kuhn, found great joy using the word. I think I was just really intrigued by the idea that nothing is forever. …

I’ve used a kids night light with my 3-year-old for a year — and she’s never gotten out of her bed early! Ever!

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Who else wants their toddler or preschooler to stay in bed until morning? Can I see a raise of hands? All of you do? OK, great. I thought so. Just checking.

I don’t know about you but I live for that moment when I close the door to my child’s room at night. That’s when I finally get to release the beautiful trappings of motherhood for a few hours before I go to sleep myself. I love my daughter. I adore her. And she is a great kid. But parenting even a great kid is exhausting. No?

(Just take this…

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